1What is Astroburn?

Astroburn is disc burning software developed for instant burning, copying, erasing of all types of optical media. The program is small, fast, reliable, user-friendly and has intuitive graphical user interface. Astroburn is easy to learn and to use

2What are the system requirements for Astroburn installation?
Your OS should be Windows:
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Astroburn features

1Save Option

While working with the project, you can save it either to the project file (.brn) or to the image file (.mdx, .mds/.mdf, .iso).
Saving current project to the project file is usually used, if the project has not been finished yet and you plan to continue working with it.
If you have already finished the project, you can save it to the desired image format and burn to a disc afterwards. Note that Astroburn has the Import from Image option. This option also allows to modify the ready image file.

2What is Pick up existing data feature for?

If you have burned a disc but not finalized it then you could add some data and burn it again. The Pick up feature is for you to see the current (already burned) disc directories.

3Why should I slow down a reading/erasing speed?

Sometimes the maximum speed is not the best choice for your physical discs to be read or written (compact disc may have some little corruptions, physical drive specifications may not provide the best drive work on max speed, etc.). That’s why Astroburn helps you to create images and burn discs safely by slowing down the Read/Erase speed.